The X Factor Vs The General Election

I read somewhere a while ago that more people voted in the last X factor final, than in the general election.

Why is that?

This year has seen the most contraversial of both. People are currently talking about: Gamu gate, Wagner, Katie Waissel/Katie Vogel (whoever she really is), Cher turning into Cheryl, the list goes on…and on…and on….

During the election people were talking about: oh who remembers!

THIS is why. No one remembers the election! It’s all boring reporters in front of un-convincing backdroups of London and digital excel graphs. (NB: I personally LOVE the graphics during the election, but i’m guessing most people don’t.) MY suggestion is, the candidates should have to SING, with backing dancers, being berated by Simon Cowell before the election. THEN people would vote.

What’s that Cameron? Forgot about Korea? Too busy running out to by the X-Factor magazine? Who can blame you? Which would you rather worry about? Nuclear war or wether or not Matt Cardle is dating Grace Woodwood?

Personally, I’ve never voted in the X factor, i’m not gonna lie, I HAVE voted in reality television, but I think that’s ok, cause since turning 18 I’ve voted in every possible election, so it balances out. There’s another idea, if you vote in the election you get a FREE vote on the next X Factor final, then maybe we’d top it.

In 2 weeks it’s this year’s finale, I can’t wait to see if the votes top the election or not. Come on Blighty, please don’t let us down.


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