Return of the Nerds

It may have escaped your notice (hypothetical reader) that we haven’t posted in this site for eleven months. The lives of P and K have been somewhat chaotic in this time. K has decided not to be a fireman and is on her way to entering London’s Seedy underworld of book retail. Meanwhile P became lost in an enchanted labyrinth and was forced to survive of growing moss from nearby rocks and finally escaped by outsmarting my evil jailer (K Edit: he couldn’t be arsed to leave his room, he survived off chocolate and crisps and finally escaped when he couldn’t afford anymore chocolate and crisps). But we have both agreed to make more time for the site. So prepare for more lists, rants and an essay or two.
Much has happened in the last year-.1. The Oscars came and went, without anything from us going up. Suffice to say Hans Zimmer and Hailee Stienfeld should have won stuff, pretty happy about everything else. We had the summer blockbusters and passed to the other side and now feel the cool breeze of the winter and the fresh arty releases ahead, leading into awards season again. Expect at least two lists about all that. And of course our Search engine optimisation has failed so entirely we are now on the third page of results from Google. Getting back to page one shouldn’t be difficult but surpassing the inconsiderate bastards who named an electronic store “nerds get bored” will be trickier. Consequently you may notice frequent mention of electrical goods in our cultural essays, or you may notice a large fire in an electronics store, whichever’s easier.
Anyway, there’ll be a top ten list up soon, followed by a new category for nerds get bored entitled Crash Courses, which will recommend ten movies in any given genre to help introduce newcomers and hopefully convert some unbelievers. We’re starting with Romcoms and westerns later this week.
Meanwhile, welcome back and don’t shop with Nerds Get Bored electronics. =)
K and P.

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